Makeup Monday

Olympic Athlete Hairstyles London 2012!

The Olympics have been so amazing, breathtaking and inspiring! Here are 8 of our favorite Olympic Hairstyles that these amazing athletes are sporting!
You can still look fabulous, groomed and gorgeous when working out.
Adding in some leave in conditioner, moroccan or coconut oil before working out, will protect your hair from drying out, keep it soft, healthy and moisturized.
Remember to wear sunscreen or a tinted moisturizer with an SPF while out in the sun, and a natural lip balm is also a must to keep lips soft. (Sunburned, cracked or dry lips and skin is never pretty or fun!)

Get inspired! Try something new on your next workout!

(Starting on the left column going across)

1. USA Gymnast Gabby Douglas~ A sleek ponytail

2. A lot of Gymnasts were sporting these sleek loped buns

3. There were a lot of hair bands at the Olympics. These are great for keeping hair out of your face & sweat.

4. This Volleyball beauty duo~ Misty May-Treanor & Kerri Jennings sported braided high ponytails.

5. We love these mid length sleek ponytails.

6. Speed Skater Ryan Bedford got creative and rocked an American Flag!

7. Richards Ross is sporting a beautiful half up hairstyle with a braided hairband.

8. Russian long jumper Darya Klishina looks so stunning with this romantic braided up do.